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Nature is so nice things as photo subject.
And Historical things, too, I think so.
Almost things here in this world, That is Photo-Subject for me.
I want to shoot as an expression and impression;
   not only the reality of situation.
Now, my new target trial is Photo-Collage.
I think it is so nice  3 dimention my works, and other things.

I want to up that I took my photos more.

However, Those are in where I cannot reach place.


After escaped from Domestic violence husband, I rented the room.
However, I escaped my room, again.


Cause, the "Crime" happened at that place.
Why? How?, ....my heart-mind became more worst.
So, I had to escape from the room, again.


"The place" where I stay in now.    Those are not in "here".

I cannot up my photos,cannot more.

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